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Sounding Off

Peacock Place

Peacock Place is a difficult act to follow. Peacock Place is not a fanfare show piece to get excited about not even in the high season. In low season Peacock Place is as depressing dark as a magi or witch on a low end without a spell to cast. But why would you want to follow this account of Peacock Place this places of captivity. Yes Peacock Place is a disreputable place of captivity, away from mainstream activities out of sight and out of mind and being captive here is to be out of circulation.

The traditional five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste


Before you come visiting Peacock Place be sure to be aware of your senses, your nose for sniffing up smells from interconnected toilet vents bringing into your home from  beside and below airborne, smoke or stink whether or not you’re nostalgic home-sick for Puu, ears for mechanical noises lesser heard from inner city industries, or rural untrained dogs,  eyes for the unsuspecting blow from someone you walk away from giving out abusive attacks after being crept up on from behind your back happy with reminder, "You forgot this" He says waving his walking stick after given a clout to the back of head and be so assured don’t stop here but in front of you brag and demonstrate his deliberate “tragedy” and through cover-up is happy to walk away free and that is despite a voluntary witness. Witness, later, don’t ask. …Why?  “Too much hassle.” He said.

Such is management behaviors here neither distinguishably masculine nor feminine, comedy or sadness, health or sickness is all the same whether flexible or stiff as long as lips are sealed and “all right then” occupational money keeps rolling to pays the rent.

Knocking Someone Up

Correctly addressed a report response attributed in reply to my address arrived by post on my doormat from Teignbridge District Council (TDC) containing the following erroneous message:-

Re: Report of an alleged Noise Nuisance arising from radio noise, thumping, rumbling, spring type noise in the early hours of the morning at ... .and having studied ... I am satisfied that there is insufficient evidence to substantiate ... claim that a statuary nuisance is in existence ... I am unable to investigate this matter any further.

The “Re:” above must be a mistake, it sounds like one is playing loud morning music and another is pulling a fast one? That can't be right. It must be a mistake. Called TDC: No, its not a mistake, it’s on our records, shows you complaint about radio, thumping and springing noise in the early morning. Your joking, that’s not right? Our records show, bla bla. ... Unmistakably there is not going to be a retraction of that letter the contents of which has gone unapologetically unchecked, no correction, no liability, this is what our records show, unmistakably, no apology. It's on record; it's attributed to your address complaining about background radio, thumping and springing noises.

Had “Re;” mistaken identity arrived at a more affluent persons address at Peacock Place would TDC be flippant and transient at laughing it off?  No, No, N-No-No? Peacock Place is abode to non-persons, nobody’s, the dead one not included,unless of course someone is housed at Peacock Place in the course of being indulged through contacts in the know, mentored, had strings pulled to step a preferred move for an applicant up the housing ladder.

Apart from them coddle protected species living cheaply below their resources. Scroungers, they have status. ... admired for their connections, depriving the “wrong type” of folk better living conditions. They distract attention, they jingo, they talk down in a state of virtual disregard “that type shouldn't’t be here.” Do you get me, being here, they consider their presence upgrading the place! Depending on social class, to be among them, non-natives are vilified. - That’s a must, keep them down, a mistake there, doesn't’t matter, it’s useful for dossier building, if not contested all the more useful for further recriminations. Bear in mind the creator of dossiers are not necessarily the later readers. People move on, but scars left behind are often un erasable.

The report referred might have being intended for a 'knocking-shop'. Knocking at Peacock Place is far removed. Recently a complaint was raised concerning seagull colonizing the sloping roof space and disturbing inmates below with their near human 'Uh-Uh' - 'Uh-Uh' - Ohhh! (How do seagulls sound when they say; that was good Chuck, let’s roll over and do it again?) The “Re:” letter arrived near the end of Spring fever time. As the trend seems to be happening could Peacock Place be in need of a happy pair of Chimp to show the down to earth way without string springing orchestra?

It might not go down well as some residents are bothered being moved by a bunch of feathered birds making connections on the lawn devoid of residence frustrations. If you want to live by the sea it is not ideal if you do not take pleasure and cheerfulness from seafaring creatures. Wood pigeons do it in the trees which take a trapezes funfair balancing act to perform a quickie and not being accused of the tendency toward repetition of antisocial behaviour being as they have a leaf for cover compared to the naked seagulls - the wood in the trees hide the ‘gaga’ reminder to the physical infirm that certain movements are ageless beneficial. Peacock Place is not designed for real world living. No monkey business here. Lets be done with wakening reality. The non-stoic mind with a rumbling consciousness might say; who wants to listen to that socially active intercourse. I cannot stand it; turn on the TV, the neighbour's a "c" anyhow. (The sound byte contains vulgar language) Agreed? Listen here!

Working Things Out

If you have instinct to practice lovemaking, don't think Peacock Place? The outside walls here are breeze-block unfilled cavity. Interior partition bedroom walls are constructed with hollow cavity wood baton frames with plasterboard lining back to back will drum out your sexagenarian pleasure. For your satisfaction you might get ASBO knocking for anti-social behavior simply by objecting to someone intruding into your space or purposely annoy you.

Trespass, Low Frequency Noise, Hollow cavity walls, TV bleed over

For example, if some unauthorised person knows your disposition you wouldn't want that deliberately antagonise for some sadistic pleasure, or worst by a collective bunch of heads full of wants but not wanting enough to change their own situation tactfully. Instead collaborate to vent their spleen by coveted racism or should that be decedents or both? That is collective punishment! WHA management have tacitly admitted the situation requires more accepting people to be around, so why do they persist trying to adjust minorities?

"All right then?"

"All right then"? What does that mean? All right then it's their "Human Rights" but when is "Human Rights" the prerogatives of a few spoilers whose only pleasure seemingly is bait to draw out misdeeds expressly for the benefit of their patron. "While he is taking his ease, give him no rest" Such provocateurs are acting on not very good authority. From the wrong person and especially when the same word is floated among group of several people together as some kind of syndicate code is saying "I'm turning away from courage of self-discipline for the action of the covetous, the mob here is quick in seizing advantage. All right then means, I'm teasing or have you being affected by my latest transgression? Silent smile, Ha Ha?

On working out much depends on the ratio of the skull to the brain. I like the birds, but many don’t and pea-brained management and their nannies agree the preferred choice of residents is likeness of garden gnomes and plastic flower pot men, their Bill and Ben artificial things. If you are particularly reactive to nature this is not the place to try and adapt or dispose yourself to learning the natural and social develop of anti-reactivity self learning wildlife consciousness. You might in turn become one of the anti-wildlife seagull haters with a preference to support the strangulation piano-wire that is stretched along the apex of the half-apex roofs. The seagulls are winning at the cost of many of their lies. The RSPB and Devon Fire Service have made rescues, some live some are dead. It was residence here who partitioned to be rid of the seagulls. The same residents, the “informed” it’s more interesting watching and listening to wild life on TV. If you don’t have TV the generosity of loud modulation is free, it’s overwhelming one at 04h00 to 06h00, the next kicks in at 06h55 ongoing on uptakes like relay to about 10h00. You can then retire to bed missing the sunshine of the day. WHA prepared the order for the strangulation piano-wire positioning to support deterring seagulls, some fly into the wire and become injured and entangled into strangulation or die exhaustion. What difference does it make to WHA them or a few residents objections to the cruelty of wildlife strangulation and TV disturbances at the times recorded. It just feathers off the seagull back.

Propaganda Tickler; Laughing Out Loud

Westward Housing Group
(Coast to Coast Residents' Newsletter Winter 2009)
- Resident Approved -
(Coast to Coast welcomes contributions from all our readers).
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Extract from "Coast to Coast" front page article

"Housing with Respect"
You may have seen a distressing Panorama program on BBC1 which looked at racism on a Bristol housing estate. Racism often goes unreported and by the time someone does report , it is generally not the first time they have experienced it, often it is someone who has reached the end of their tether.
Before pointing away, WHA should pay close attention at home!

The following abuse is in the racist category: Culture of discrimination

Reaction to question asked about a possible problem after TDC Scientific Officer's had trouble using the security phone intercom identity, "Who's calling"? Listen to the "Clich Here "second attempt to have an answer to earlier question: "Click Here" "This is how you get. ..."This is where put down opinion start with subjective institutionalisation. Repressive establishments create behavioral dossier on you're reaction? They suck.

WHA. They Suck

"They suck" Why is WHA described in them terms? There are generally one of several tactics WHA can employ it expression of contempt. When WHA plan to do something the amount of hubris maneuverings that takes places has all the advantage of agility to turn their circus acrobatics into a helluva spin that only they seem to have control over whether the thing recovers, flattens out or crashes. In the process there is only a slight window of opportunity of insight to be aware of the point where things start to go haywire over the interminable delays fast backtracking, rescheduling or just categorically enter a maze of cu-de-sacs’ until one looses interest or fatigues from dealing with crude respondents to institutional behaviorist techniques between rotating members of staff in denial or make things appear more acceptable or less offensive than they are.

Imagine a situation where a person susceptible to heavy impact drilling noises complains to WHA the excessive noise hurts their ears be sent a pair of ear defenders. The contempt is obvious that if that person requires sleeping late or even using the bathroom they can safely do so wearing the supplied ear defenders. The same person might feel a pride that they had WHA act appropriately according to the law to offer protection from disturbing noise. Reality shows and speaks WHA’s actions are superficial. The truth is WHA by the slightest margin has done something. One has to look behind the scenes to see the next act in preparation, what if everyone demands ear defenders.

What about occupants in every neighbouring accommodation? Many are very elderly and might have a timid disability with communicating their concerns, but stay quiet out of embarrassment. WHA deliberately ignored their plight by turning a blind eye to them, out of sight out of mind is a lack of attention to their conditions or in this case a deaf ear at their age is not something to be concerned about. Everyone affected potentially have become suckers. Take the total days into weeks of impact hammer drilling moving from flat to flat and multiply the total amount of residents and you have an answer of sheltered accommodation place full of suckers. Residents are obliged to stay put because the drillers need access to each and every flat. It's the job of the workers to complete the job. Its the responsibility of WHA in conjunction with d TDC Environmental Services to monitor the high decibel (dB) noise level power of intensity recorded by a resident in excess of 90dB.

WHA. Laxed On Their Own Rules

By rights residents in the situation described which is a real story should have being notified in writing in advance of the work and at the very some verbal warning what to expect beforehand. Without notice of any kind work started in the switching room and moved on almost every day non stop for the duration. In comparison to what local councils must adhere to in similar renovations means offered temporary accommodation. WHA bypassed this option to offer care to residents in rotation at local hotel or B&B for a couple of days and nights for respite away from the impact drilling . Of course some resident might have opted out of that offer but with no offer there is no option for people who are without relatives to turn to for relief.and are the most likely residents most vulnerable to being inadequately protected? WHA should be brought to task for such violations disregard to persons’ human rights, no matter what their age be protected from deliberate or neglected harm in Peacock Place Sheltered Accommodation. Read Westcountry Housing Coast to Coast winter 2009 edition, “Housing with Respect” and see it for what it is, a canny public relations exercise.

Lipstick On A Pig

It sucks! Why? Because with rent charges within the same price bracket WHA cosmetic substandard accommodation at Peacock Place by perceived adding value to push up rent charges are indirectly subsidizing new expansionist projects elsewhere (to use a beautifully phrase WHA are putting lipstick on a pig) not for the benefit to offer tenants of the old accommodation the option to move into new vacant lettings social housing at similar market rent.

To get to the bottom of deep woods it is necessary to go deeper into the woods and at the same time have ongoing maintenance's which usually seems to involve a high level of unscheduled and because Peacock Place is perceived insecure in that there are many key holders who say at any time if need be they can enter premises without the occupants permission, not for emergency purposes but convenience to complete a job or test equipment for example if the tenant is absent on holiday or such for a extended length of time. At any time someone from a maintenance service can come knocking at your door demanding immediate access stating they are from the “fire company” and want to check your television aerial connections to eliminate from interfering with emergency magnetic automatic window release mechanism. Simply the “fire company” personnel are impersonation or being “smart” to convince occupants they are from our local Fire Service. Late at night when the phony “fire company” are refused entry they say we can come in any time we think it necessary, we have access to master keys. At that moment in time a tenant is under pressure to give way and have someone ascend into the attic. Should they be granted entry and in hast something accidental happens and the tenant later complain, the likely answer is; the tenant gave me permission. After one of these differences of opinion a tenant of 94 year told me shortly after their experience of intrusion in the same series from the incident of suffering a mild stroke which is attributed being triggered by excess pressure from such an intrusion. What makes it the more serious is the Scheme Manager is in attendance as a token authority but actually says nothing. If the occurrence had caused an altercation which side of the fence would the Scheme Manager come down on? The side of authority, and that is abuse of authority.

WHA. Breaking Their Own Rules

At Peacock Place this abuse of authority happens a lot. The regime that apply the statuary laws is manipulated by WHA breaking their own rules, TDC indifference to their mistakes, and different branches of the law enforcement service agreeing a result, not because the result is the right one but it is a prejudiced conclusion which points back to the authorities are intent on doing something instead of looking at the evidence are ignoring adequate evidence to create a predetermined outcome.

When the authorities are not acting independently there is a suggestion of collusion. When the very same words come out different independent offices, not on paper but verbally saying exactly the same thing, we find no problem, “have you consider wearing ear-plugs?" This advice was suggested when a complaint was made concerning a neighbouring tenant using a TV station as an early morning call at time 05:45, 06:30, 06:50, 08:30 to wake. Not a problem in the proper place, but next door bedroom side by side is a problem in Sheltered Accommodation of Peacock Place’s porous construction where lowness of volume is not an answer else the user cannot hear it. When it is loud enough for the user after 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to hear it, it carries that someone on a the other side of a hollow partition about 12 foot away is also hearing the broadcast, a call maybe to happy new day for the user, the same call is intrusive into maybe a neighbours mid-way thought an 8 hour night’s sleep to be stressfully awakens and is not happy. So why is there an imbalanced deliberation? I would suggest the intrusive neighbour is not happy, else they would be considerate. but with someone whose mind is agitatedly his only pleasure is causing displeasure around his presence. Why don't someone love me Boo Boo Boo, sniff. when I have my mediation I'm a happy nice guy really, everyone should get stoned. Blame Bob Dillon for that.

The irony being the late new age traveling neighbour is boundless in that his neighbouring residents are self-conscious aware that certain activities, time and place are incomparable and wise men voluntary with self- awareness keep in check unwelcome intrusions so as harmony prevails and not the alternative out of control antagonism. Doesn't’t he see his peaceful existence is that way because neighbouring considerations trashed out over time has worked and he automatically has that benefit, but acting wayward rebellious and childish is way is out of control to adjust a workable situation into a new age dismantling to fix something that is not broken but his very act is the root cause of fracture as archaic as is morphemes is his smallest element of speech? Where does WHA, TDC and law enforcement agencies fit into this shift, is there not something togetherness maybe nostalgic what there is a low form of amalgamation of traditional and official anarchy. Big fall in crime figures recently released? How boring can things get, lets do a MI-5 and invent something to keep ourselves going. Now who can we pick on, we have driven out the Irish, the Muslims now they should cause a big bang for our bucks?

To break monotony, to intimidate, could it be certain constituents are coming together in the mistaken belief, any crime is better than no crime. Contrary to media spiel, many in their sleep will dream any war is better than no war. Most people who remember dreams agree, any dream is better than no dream. Peacock Place might be your dream sheltered home, shattered. For peace of mind don't come here.

Come in she said, I’ll give you shelter from the storm.

'Twas in another lifetime, one of toil and blood
When blackness was a virtue and the road was full of mud
I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form
"Come in," she said, "I'll give you shelter from the storm

Now there's a wall between us, somethin' there's been lost
I took too much for granted, got my signals crossed
Just to think that it all began on a long-forgotten morn

Bob Dylan - Shelter from the Storm

"Peacock Place, don’t believe it, it’s a Sirens call in that led to Homers shipwreck in which all but Odysseus drowned. ...

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