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In the winter 2010 Coast to Coast edition of WHA's newsletter to residents page 13 shows a photograph of WHA's new Chairman Ian. We are assumed to know about Ian, his track record, what he worked at, for whom before he came to WHA and we now know all there is to know about him personally is that he says whether true or false he is afraid of spiders? The impersonation of the "real" Spiderman's caricature is all about fighting evil. In comic books Spiderman is the good guy. What has our Ian to be afraid of from Spiderman? Have we a bad Ian on the high chair, or what? When we ask him; How are you Ian?. Will he reply. "Not bad"

It is possible for one to praise a man by knowing his name. I do not know Ian’s surname to address him respectfully. It is not a matter of being unfriendly for one cannot speak respectfully when the people introducing themselves withhold their full title. Here we have a man the leader of the WHAKY band of deprived reader short on memory to discuss this person with a single name as if he is the fellow who lived next door and has just returned from being long lost. What have you being doing Ian before you signed up before the mast of this un-hearty sinking WHAKY ship? by the way I’am one of the nice Paul Lewis press-gang oarsmen manning a rent oars steering this wreck around hidden rocks. If WHA goes down with a crash there is a chance to break loose. An ill fated alternative is better than being tied up in this frequent echoing crap hole.

In evasiveness a few things has been learn about our Ian. He has had a tough life up to now but one would be stretching imagination that forty or so years ago soldier families were living in poor accommodation in the UK which might have seemed that way from a cultural shock after living in regal quarters overseas and of course being deprived on return to UK of servants, well one can only shudder to think of the depravity of being back to a wash board and an old tin bath to beat as a drum. Could that shack living have had origins in the homemade skiff le music beat.

Look of his dangling bottle! Apart from being rude to the reader by not introduction himself properly it cannot be said he has arrived with his cup overflowing or even half full, its empty. There is a dilemma with new Chairman and CEO’s. A study shows CEO’s who take over thriving companies often bring the company down and CEO’s who take over declining companies more often increase the fortunate by doing the company a service by improving performances. We will have to wait and see what our Ian can do, in the mean time having seen captains bowling ignobly and new arrival not coming in with a confident swagger my eyes are on the rocks? There is a saying in work ethics, “a good start is half the work,” however fortunes are already out of the bottle and the chairmen’s support has already taken a serious turn down. Don’t worry about me Ian, it’s the non swimmers you need to think about for that where the panic is showing. It’s my little ear that is the cause for taking the blame here at Peacock Place. Many here would be involuntary defecation if there was someone here with a big mouth.

Hello to Chris Foxley. Chris is a new member of the Resident Involvement Team (RiT). I see you may have been promoted from Neighborhoods Co-Ordinator (NcO). Looking at the previous long dangling earrings you are identified female as Chrisis Foxley (NcO). The new Chris Foxley (RiT) carrier a pair of smaller rings often identified with men, historic pirates in particular. Chris, you are not revealing which sex you service, out of politeness one is expected to give way to woman by being tolerant of them as opposed to brushing shoulders with men. Chrisis and Chris have distinct orientations, unless. … Tough woman too deal out harsh treatment and have to be dealt with but they unfortunately often cause embarrassment then it turns out wanting to be feminist with equal status with men, I'm for this equality when there is identity of feminists and feminine woman, two things cannot be the same else we enter the dilemma of dealing with WHA transvestites,transgender I have no objection there either because transgender male homo are favorable to straight men then they are to rough women or female homo les. They favor male company so as they have opportunity to meet men who might love them for unknown reasons hidden in pants whether zipped up the front or up the rear, but woe to woman who molests a straight man in their company. Your dual characteristics has an anomaly, without asking you to turn yourself on you head for the sake of identity we have only the descriptions you allow to be published of yourself, one feminine photo and a later photo of a soft male image. Could you please come out and identify you’re discrimination? Men do have a courtesy for ladies of charm, it is a pleasure to please them for generally they do like men and the feeling is compatible mutual. My question is prompted through Westcountry Housing being equally ambiguous and giving both you and WHA seem to have identity crisis as to which way you’re going. Public figure and critical review goes with your job. Allow me to introduce the eternally beautiful Ertha Kitt

Excuse Me! You're Being Rude at Peacock Place?

In the afternoon 18.01.2011 at Peacock Place in the warden’s office I was making discussion with Jade Stratton, she was listening to me patiently, then someone who had entered the front door cane behind me and intrusively crashed our conversation from speaking behind my back over my shoulder engaged Jade in front of me. I turned and said; “excuse me”, with that the intruder turned away and ignorantly departed not before she degraded her complexion from which the non excuse intruder is identified C. Tucker the smokes investigating whitewash lady surveyor for smoke cavity channel.

Several new names are being repeated recently. Marion Bament a new Neighborshood Co-Ordinator vouched for on several occasions by Rachael on 0300 1001015 would return my call to discuss new and ongoing problems at Peacock Place arising December 16th 2010 with middle of the night 04h00 to 05h30 modulations (allegedly TV or radio flat 24) wakening me from my rest.

This is a new series of disturbances from relatively new residences, new being several years after I moved here and why they seem to be kicking off at once leads to some speculation in that I have not found them true to their word indeed more unfriendly than friendly. Allegedly modulation from neighboring (flat 14) resident moved here about January 2010 bringing (TV or radio) problems as the first of a new batch starting about 07h30 to about 09h30. Before this current resident taking occupation my previous neighbors were better able to control their entertainment devices and we had not one incident between us. But now problems are on the increase with new neighbour beneath me (flat 6) replacing the previous prolific smoker and allegedly early morning 05h30 entertainer says he is not using a modulation device though his electric light is burning at that time but not always at other times. What's special about these intrusions judged to be unchallengeable but now having moved into something better than where they occupied previous are not living harmoniously in their new environment but acting predatory, violent, short on ability to begin an alternative lifestyle being the same enemy for themselves as neighbour. Well that’s how it seemed, but how wrong can one be at around 04h00 in the morning still half asleep-walking around corridors to trace and to make 100 percent accurate assessments with no help feedback from the reported incidents? Where then does the blame lie? big on the flat "C"! (12seconds to load)?

After concurrent, parallel, disjointed (radio or TV) noise forming a series pattern may run daily occurrences from 04h00 to 10h00 from different locations but all sounding the same modulation from talk TV sport or BBC R4. The attenuation of noises reaching my flat positioned above two side by side beneath and one side by side with mine. My location then being one flat in a rectangular block of four.

Looking out from my flat are a quezi block of 4, 2 person flats with newly placed residential would seem to be at a distance far enough not to be a bother to each other and not to me though in reality these residents maybe have not lived together long enough yet be at each others throats but now as season cheer has passed and tolerances become lower murmurings of discontent are creeping out though interchanging cross talk effect from earlier when they tolerated settling in disturbances and incompatible routines. However that block of flat doubles individual routines are not only with themselves getting used to but are at different times, 4 doubles (8 persons) transmitting their problems in the opposite direction into 4 singles. Could it be the doubles have greater envy and discontent than the singles?

Short Term Thinking and Why it Fails to Work

If four singles with four different routines with own neighbourhood problem to solve and we are getting there, were to open up our entertainment routines at volume during our "all hours" routines the doubles would be turning their back on each other. I'm not recommending this as a tactical, for not only would the doubles be blown away but also the backlash on our position would cause further problem. I've had it said to me, (ignoring the possibility of runny ears) "why don't you invest in these little ear plugs and put them in your ears at night." alternatively it is not suggested, "why don't the radio, TV users invest in ear phones and listen without interferences, only within their own head?"

Most everyone approached about radio TV noise say "not me" though not all the time is it a "not me" but very often is "not me" but the discontents this problem causes is retaliated back from fingers pointing at the one who lobs the problem back saying get your own house in order and stop putting on neighbour's with your hard done miserable life attitude. The secondary problem these misfits are giving out is someone else maybe (flat 24) taking the blame thinking they are being neighbourly covering for their "poor" when in fact they are effected in that their life has accepted been dummed down so much they think suffering for someone else is a sign of compassion.

It takes time and resources prepared to get things done. Another thing is to make a complaint brings out the worst of the perpetrator who is usually a bully used to having their own way through cunning, deceit, influence or force and they will pick on every fault they can find about a complainant as far down as having one sock on inside out. This tactic, if only one person complains about disturbances then there must be something wrong with the complainant. the mediator then steps in and announces, "everyone must live together and compromises are needed" and that a betrayal and a sign the mediator has misplaced their authority. Some say' “I hear something but I'm almost deaf”, or it doesn't’t bother me and this “doesn't’t bother me” is part of the crux of the problem, In fact it does bother them but they are unable to tactically approach the perpetrator who they feel has a higher profile and appears as a stronger personality and to do so would have the perpetrator apply sanctions the neighbor’s isolationism could not offend which is a form of social blackmail.

Here then and everywhere we are talking about levels of tolerances, and that is from a mediator assuming everyone to have the same level of tolerance will cope with a given situation in the same way. (the mediator is also sympatric to the perpetrator because the perpetrators know their disposition cause pity for them and they exploit that point to the full power of arrogance as you will see lower down. Straight up and down thinking without lateral thinking doesn't’t allow proper enquiry and used individuality with preconceived conditions or a sense of pity definitely is undemocratic and the same argument defies investigation through flattens everything into mush. In reality the perpetrator is more helped by being exposed for their arrogance and reintegrated at a tolerable level then to be someone feared by a wicked tongue.

Bell ringingMorality is the concealed gateway to pity. Sore as it is taboo, such pity that matters most is the circumstance for morals existence. When the pity lament emotion becomes drama it excites its audience needs with little qualification to become benevolent.

Morality has given our observation of life to be much more resilient than certain mythical past’s set to confound us about physical circumstance of our existence. Disease is not always the killer but pity is the malignant demise because it reduces one's resistance to struggle and find relief to fight and to give in to pity creates mercy which takes one nowhere naturally when after all a doctor or nurse has the means to remove life support.

On the other hand if a person wants is to exhibit their plight so be it but here is selfish play in need for more attention than another deemed less deserving and so this argument goes into the dingy depth of morality for morality itself has high and lows dependent whether the moralist is bishop or bummer.

Interesting is history about Becket’s protecting cover for a molesting bishop. Today we hear similar, in them times Becket's cover up cost him his life and his execution created saint-hood?. this situation cannot put to rest by one person. It is up to each individual to check their consideration and tolerance level for those around them and judge whether their motives are not prejudicial and un-neighbourly. However virtue is not necessarily a receipt for a happy life for some virtues have shorten many lives.

Some people have a high metabolism and some not. There is no simple panacea "freedom" to be positive or negative about certain life preserving situations. One to adopt another's ways of life could lead to disaster. Do this or do that is not an imperative and maybe only experimental help whereas being in tune with our surrounds has definite advantages. It may not be called happiness maybe ecstatic to keep living or practicing dying. Who can tell what makes a difference? Ghost Ridin' Grandma

Min, looking for an opening to ridicule questioned resident flat 24 "have I apologised." The reply is diplomatically, "yes" but that's wrong, Min, should apologies throughout for allowing disproportionate misidentifying when all along this time she knew the turmoil caused and for reasons better known to herself allowed false accusations to esc late. In the end she bit her own tail.

It's time I moved from here - if the residents of Peacock Place could band together to force WHACKY WHA without the backky to house me in alternative accommodation suitable to my needs I willingly wish you goodbye. Don't come after me as mackerel after a sprat. Else watch my shoulder for Parthian shot.

Stealing a Chance

To avoid the necessity to repeat so many time to different people I speak without regard to understand several things as would satisfy an enquiring mind why has not something being done about the problems WHA staff have given me reason for accusing for I do not understand their motives. In the first place why steal from a new resident, unless you want a sure fire way to exercise corruption to see once more if your deception from being caught is holding up? Yes and then my lock was changed destroying the evidence exposing the corruption among staff complicit in the cover up? Why steal from a new resident moving into Peacock Place? I return an answer to that question, moving is a form of chaos where things become displaced, and it tales time before an item is missing. However an item already installed in its place is easily missed even in a cupboard. Then when I ask to have my lock changed an told the change will cost £40.00 but when I report the theft to the police a surveyor is here with in an hour and when the police arrive they want to know has anything being changed since my discovery of the theft. Who changed the lock. I can only tell you he is tall overweight with a big gut full of hollow somachinery to insert sleve to open collapsed sewarage drain collapseund that only comes from inflated entails - and the stink, he had opened a window when I asked where is that smell coming from? "From Leat Stream." he replied. You have cause to consider many things at Peacock Place. Why was my door lock changed free of charge? If you do not ask the questions you will be imitated. The problem here hasn't started from the bottom up but from the top down.

Low Frequency Noise Experience

Keeping my up to date is something of late I have let lapsed. Now I have created a couple of new pages this new content is for Ian, Marion and Rachael. Someone by the name of Chris, a male spoke to me on the 0300 100 1015 number I called to report the early mooning modulation commenced December 2011 is giving me plenty of content to keep the new trio informed of low frequency noise experience (first 12 sec) and anytime TV bleed over murmuring echoing sounds. -- There is increasing recognition that sound at low frequencies, below the limit normally measured in tests, is a major cause of complaint in buildings. While voices are not strong low-frequency sources, modern stereos can be. Mechanical equipment next to living areas are frequent sources of low-frequency noise and cause complaints. For economical control of noise in buildings, knowledge of the factors that control sound transmission through wall systems is important and Westcountry Housing at Peacock Place are ignorant of this importance. Is it bipolar not coping exhaustion of cash and requiring help from the bank for more luxury pay packets or vice, which is it or is it both?

A survey in Corporate America found:

  1. Employees pose the greatest fraud threat in the current economy. When asked which, if any, of several categories of fraud increased during the previous 12 months, the largest number of survey respondents (48 percent) indicated that embezzlement was on the rise.
  2. Layoffs are affecting organizations' internal control systems. Nearly 60 percent of CFEs who work as in-house fraud examiners reported that their companies had experienced layoffs during the past year. Among those who had experienced layoffs, almost 35 percent said their company had eliminated some controls, while 44.2 percent said the layoffs had no effect on controls and only 3.2 percent said their company had increased controls.
  3. Fraud levels are expected to continue rising. Almost 90 percent of respondents said they expect fraud to continue to increase during the next 12 months. Additionally, the fraud most expected to increase is embezzlement

Projections at Peacock Place. A small offering. ...