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Captive at Peacock Place It is no big deal getting into Sheltered Accommodation. The age limit to be eligible for sheltered housing has being reduced from 60 to 55 years of age. The reason for this shift down is due to the national elderly population being active longer in later life.

The bonus to stay at work longer is the day to day interaction with fellow workers and receive paid income to retain independence and be self supporting but the let down comes in the low-availability of affording private sector housing with affordable rent way higher above the social housing accommodation rent “or subsidised rent” means social housing accommodates is the only viable alternative to be able to pay moderate rent from a low take home wage packet and have enough spare cash to enjoy a standard of living above the minimum amount set by the government as the lowest necessary income for a parson or family to live on and retain accommodation security.

The gap between social housing and private accommodation that may be of low quality does not overlap but has a rent difference on average of about £100.00 above the social housing rent. You might ask, 'so what, just stay within the social housing ceiling' is a smart answer, but how does one qualify for social housing? By waiting indefinitely for a vacancy, in the mean time a worker with family who earns just over the social housing means test is disqualified and therefore has to work and live to pay over the odds for accommodation and raise a family. To save money for planning a family is a lost cause because higher earnings are income taxable. As well as earnings being taxable some of that money will contribute to social housing that he was denied in early life. But someone who was raised in social housing has an entitlement not to be made homeless as long as he remains just below the social income ceiling level.. What then is the incentive to do well. Many do do well and move into the private sector to buy or rent and progress. Not all succeed and the unlucky have no cushion to rely on and fall back through the floor into the lower sector of social housing needing emergency accommodation. The problem is the divide between rich and poor but that there is no natural extension to bridge the social housing ladder closer to step into the private sector with the same quality of service from the private landlord. Who are these private landlords? The private landlord are the people who own the majority chunk of land where private property is build on. Next are the unprofessional speculators the millde class in the 'Buy to Let market.' In Britain research has shown the biggest estates with are The Duke of Norfolk, Dutchy of Lancaster, Durham Cathedral, Dutchy of Cornwall along with Church of England syndicates which includes the Royal Family and religious establishments. Follow this link to read more on this article.

In his book, 'Who Owns Britain' (2001), Kevin Cahill takes a long, hard look at UK land ownership. His findings surprised many: the Royal Family for instance owns UK land equivalent to an average-sized county. Just six thousand people own two-thirds of the entire supply of UK land - forty million of the sixty million acres of UK land are owned by a clique comprised of the Crown, aristocrats and a few institutions. Or, put another way, 70% of UK land is owned by 1% of the population. Some might say the extent of the concentration of UK land ownership is feudal-like, or at least unhealthy in a progressive, modern, liberal democracy with a dense and rapidly expanding population. Cahill then goes on to put in context these figures on the degree to which owning UK land is a privilege. The British population - circa 60 million - is housed in 24 million dwellings, which sit on just 4.4 million acres (which is equal to 7.7% of the UK land supply). Just under 4/5ths of these 60 million residents live on 3.5 million acres, or 5.8% of the total supply of UK land. It is also surprising many that only 8% of UK land has been developed. That of course is not to say that the UK has 92% capacity for new homes: a large proportion of UK land is undeveloped due to the prevailing local environment.

Royal family members 'offered cut-price deals on properties'.

The battle between Royals and Republican Cromwellians and the divide between the two denies a segment in the natural ladder to ascend up or descend down as required. Imagine a fire engine escape-ladder with its primary ladder on a turntable base and rests on that first ladder are a further two extensions to reach height. At the top some traction binds the top ladder, the base ladder withdraws, the middle section becomes disjointed, detached from either the bottom or top section and is held precariously by either the base ladder or dangling from the top leaving this section suspended and the bottom section projected to nowhere. With that apparatus failure not even imagination could stretch to see mythical angels bridge the gap between the 1st and 3rd level. Would a ladder descent for an Estate owners trapped by fire at their top level be able to retreat below to safety with the middle section missing? That last rung down on the 3rd would be the end of hope before the climb down fall to earth. A last thought before flight maybe one last wish for a friend beneath to catch their fall from grace. There is analogue between "Ivory Towers" and people dropping. Is their witness today among top level or lower to shed tear in public to recount or remember the fall of royal aristocracy in the French revolution. Take a step back and remember the "Twin Tower" disasters, not from sadistic point of view that cost the lives of 2819 people. Every day on the ground many people have entrusted their savings are casualties from a system leaving people abandoned to drop without a life line. WHA is an extension of that same system, WHA wrap themselves in private "charity" robes. Executives and managers mismanage and blunder, they cheat, the are untrruthful and renege on their contractual responsibilities?

The housing market, is broken, therein is a gap and not a transition where social housing rent and extortion landlord's rents can bond with each other. This division between social housing and the private sector rents is a deliberate break in the circuit of the accommodation market which is artifically kept apart though there is a soft sector in the low quality accommodation which is pityfully uninhabitable because of damp or not having weatherproof quality making these places a health trap where social housing under extreme pressure have an obliged of duty to to rescue a tenant into social housing or accommodate them tenants into high rent temporary private landlords accommodation. The gap between the two is an artificial constant so as the private sector property market housing market prices will rise in value from demand and inflation in what is referred too as climbing the housing market ladder where which drives a local domestic economy which is a false economy created to constantly circulate money by artificial means rather than be driven by demand of necessity from an increase in family size therefore we have a connection between family sizes being manipulated through abortion in some places and encouragement of family growth in another area and this social economics industry is indirectly connected with the housing market whether the housing market supplies non child couples or or growing family couples namely social economic placeholder engineering which governs the size of the family.

It is on the fringes of transitions where borders are drawn dividing the housing market artificially. At one time council benefits to claimants was to assist paying rent and many rented properties were council owned giving local councils a quizy area where council clawed back 100% what they played out plus the difference between housing benefit and the rent cost where such monies by a shortfall required a top-up from the tenant to allocate basic living income to subsadises the difference between the asking rent and the allowence to meeet that actual rent which is profit for the counxil even though the social housing market was sibsadised by the government to reach the asking rent price.

Margaret Thatcher when Prime Minister took many housing monopoly schemes away from councils and with concession support gave the the council properties to private purchase for home ownership or “charitable” status organisations setup at zero cost and allocated money to keep them going placing the majority of council houses into the arms of "charitable" limited company commerce and supplied with a steady flow of applicants from the councils who legally have to accommodate persons within certain circumstances whils the councils who payed out rent allowence and collected rent kept the difference between benefit paid out for rent and the asking price of rent that passed through their hands as middlemen without actually no longer owning the properties goven to the private sector as a gift. The government subsidized these social landlords with risk free business giving them power to pay themselves huge pay packets. The only way these cartels could turnover substantial money is to keep building on cheap "grey land" and employ unqualified staff that from times past may have worked in mental homes and hospitals which were closed and the inmates set loose.

Peacock Place is example of closed hospital properties partly demoloshed and refabricated with outward face-lift, the interior old-wards divided into flats retaining the old echo-acustice associated with old hospitals re-broahcated into temporary non-soundproof echoing cavity flats to house the aging population of some 20 years ago. That time was a different time and age category to many people to-day living longer in properties unsuitable for modern high-fidelity all round sound home entertainment products and modern intercom systems wired to one accommodation reverberated for long distances along a line of ajacent residentes' properties. The "charitable " status thing has over time become a legal scam. Margaret Thatcher’s "reign" was purposeful designed to meet turbulent times in challenging Trade Union power who themselves had become an unchecked cartel “empire” beyond their original inception. However the slogan survives; "Workers of the World Unite" the "housing charity" have learnt well from that slogan. In this area Westcountry Housing an exempt charity and two other similar groups, Teign Housing and Torridge District Housing are planning to unite services after the collapse of social housing maintenance's company Connaught. That closure itself tells of an unprofitable story.

  ACFE Report on Occupational Fraud  

Occupational Fraud: A Study of the Impact of an Economic Recession and Fiscial Accounting has the same meaning.

Intense financial pressures during the economic crisis have led to an increase of fraud, according to a survey of fraud experts conducted by the ACFE. Results of the survey, published in the new ACFE report "Occupational Fraud: A Study of the Impact of an Economic Recession," also found that layoffs are pervasive and are leaving holes in organizations' internal control systems.

The report, recently detailed in the Wall Street Journal, is based upon the responses of more than 500 randomly selected Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs). CFEs are experts in fraud detection, prevention and deterrence, and must pass a rigorous exam as well as meet high professional, educational and ethical standards.

More than half (55.4 percent) of respondents said that the level of fraud has slightly or significantly increased in the previous 12 months compared to the level of fraud they investigated or observed in years prior. Additionally, about half (49.1 percent) of respondents cited increased financial pressure as the biggest factor contributing to the increase in fraud, compared to increased opportunity (27.1 percent) and increased rationalization (23.7 percent).

"The message to Corporate America is simple: Desperate people do desperate things," said ACFE President James D. Ratley, CFE. "Loyal employees have bills to pay and families to feed. In a good economy, they would never think of committing fraud against their employers. But especially now, organizations must be vigilant during these turbulent times by ensuring proper fraud prevention procedures are in place."

Fraid Survey. The survey also found that:

The survey was conducted to gain insight into the correlation between economic downswings and fraudulent activity. Download "Occupational Fraud: A Study of the Impact of an Economic Recession" (PDF).

For additional media information or to arrange an interview, please contact Scott Patterson:; (512) 478-9000 ext. 156.

ACFE has media reference materials available at online press room.

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Outer Space, Free of Gravity

No Bars Can Hold Me Welcome to the Machine. Hello dear boy, have a cigar, you’re going to go far you’re never going to die. ... Here we are bound to go, sheltered housing accommodation is one of a portfolio of properties that provides housing and related supported services to tenants by agreement with local councils and Registered Social Landlord by contract of letting self-contained accommodation.

Apply on line for your Tenancy Agreement between Westcountry Housing Association) (WHA) and the Tenant as means to take possession of property with full responsibilities and rights owed to the person or persons having a condition in need for sheltered accommodation.

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TV Gravity Space, Not Inner Peace

Baby looking to mother watching TV "reality show" herself and child on TV; "child thinking" "Look at me, I am the future!" - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights applies to me too. “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."(Article 19, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948)"

Because fact and fiction mixed makes an ideal cauldron for propagandist ingredients to dissolve into the mix and not be easily noticed, it is easy for any-one to be taken in to believe all they tell you. The best one can do is separate fact from fiction but where in them two separations does the propaganda lie. If the propaganda fallen into the fiction arena the viewer is setup to believe there is some truth in the fiction. On the other-hand when propaganda, (that is the untrue) is placed in non-fiction only a small minority will be aware of this and their objections are conveniently ignored. it is as simple as that. The poster of woman with child in her arms depicts a reality of mother being mesmerized with her own image she watches expectantly hopefully to learn something because she is wanting something in her life she is led to believe is missing.

Lid Gap on Emersion Tank Tankard

TV X. No Outer Peace

The cartoon caption reads: "I guess I just wanted to get married and have a baby, but I'm starting to look at everyone else and think their happier than me". Not a lot of difference to the previous picture of a mother looking to TV is absorbed but not aware it is her own image fed back to her with whatever product is being sold or implanted into her mind but to point this out objectively is conveniently ignored, it is as simple as that. The poster of woman with child in her arms duplicates a reality of mother being mesmerized with her own image she watches expectantly hopefully to learn something because she is wanting something in her life she is led to believe is missing and the second woman expresses it in words of discontent.

Fact and fiction easily mixed together through the use of mixing tools. The confused picture for ideal propaganda ingredients to dissolve into the mix are diluted so as things taken out of context have residual stuff attached. The best one can do is separate fact from fiction but where in the two separations does the propaganda lie. If the propaganda falls into the fiction arena the inquisitor is setup to believe there is some truth in the fiction. On the other hand when propaganda, (that is the untrue) is placed in non-fiction a small minority of people will be knowledgeable to separate truth from corrupting lies. Any-one can be taken-in to believe all contents are true.

Co-conspirator artists... Taking things further lets see what happens when the false ingredients is mixed into a variety of medias, a bit here and a bit there, without the consumer, viewer, reader suspecting this. The mind will automatically want to make sense of the intake to create an imaginary assembly of information as it arrives and piece together parts of a jigsaw picture at different times with different colours and packet sizes. The mind requires memory to make sense of the intake to assemble, an especially difficult task when false pieces are added and pieces are missing. The process then is drawn-out into human error narrative?

By the time the 'full day' person becomes aware over time how the subtlety of the propaganda machine is working it is almost too late to anything about it. For already something has being settled. If you compare a mistake in a tattoo it becomes obvious to the wearer but a casual viewer may not notice the error, and the wearer to mess with it would be on a troublesome state like messing with the mind and likely settle to leave well enough alone. Convinced, however now it is time for the next tattoo, do you say no more, I've seen enough and it has taken a long time to realise the artist’s flaw. Now you see you're expert.

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About me: 65. Wetherspoons says it all; Wet Her Spoons. Spooning being an ancient tradition of love making, I'm up for revival..

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Were all right in the middle of the night, we've been screwed together.

Peacock Place Front View DayLightSlap stick

Dear Resident,

As a result of reductions in budget finance money for departments, we are forced to cut down on our number of personnel. Under this plan, the Warden will be asked to take early retirement This phase of our program applies only to members of staff.

Residents will be required to adapt to the now regime permitting the retention of younger people who represent our future to allow our younger workerst to resettle older residents to comply with our new regime forthwith or immediately if not sooner.

For residents this program will be known as SLAP (Senior Late-Aged Pensioners) Henceforth Resident’s who are SLAPPED will be given the opportunity to look for alternative accommodation.

SLAPPED residents can request a review of their residence contract and their records before actual termination of contract takes place. This review phase of the program is called SCREW.

SCREW (Survey of Capabilities of Residents Early Wakening). All residents who have been SLAPPED or SCREWED may file an appeal with the appeals management.

This appeal is called SHAFT (Study by Higher Authority Following Time-lapse). Under the terms of the new policy, a resident may be SLAPPED once, SCREWED twice, but may be SHAFTED as many times as the company deems appropriate. If residents follows the above procedure, he/she will be entitled to get HERPES (Half Ease for Rotating Pensioners Early Sting) or CLAP (Combined Lump Sum Assistance Payment)

As HERPES and CLAP are considered benefit plans, a resident who has received HERPES or CLAP will no longer be SLAPPED or SCREWED by the company. Management wishes to assure younger pensioners who remain alive with the company's new policy of displacing older residents will continue to receive social allocations through our (Special High Intensity Training) SHIT.

We take pride in the quality of SHIT our staff pass on to residents. We have allowed more SHIT than any company in this area. If any resident feels they do not receive enough SHIT, see your immediate staff manager. Your manager is specially trained to make sure you receive all the SHIT you can stand.

You are fee to take this to the ombudsman to spin out years of your time.

The Management

To reside at Peacock Place could be misadventure to your health!

Call System disclaimer signed on the understanding there is no charge for disconnecting the Tunstall-Call24 system in the very near future (within 5 days was mentioned) and there will be no future charges for any purposes related to the disconnection or reconnection at any future time.

Legacy Waste: Is a process there you have cash income for future disposal and the business who takes your credit has itself only debits. How big is the business cash flow from income from unpaid asset which grows with their debits compared to accumulate tenants cash income without debits for say the next 6 month? Calculate Individual rent is about £444.58 per month by 6 months by 24 tenants = £64,000.00 mortgage deposit with the price of a bottle of wine to launch a new enterprise of home ownership through buying Peacock Place and turn it into a self supporting business with most local ammanities available in house. Below is what is available at present time:-