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Pollutants:Smoke Cavity Channel

Of 1,200 people in the UK with haemophilia who were infected with HIV, only about 300 are now alive. Of those, some 180 still have cases in the UK courts reported Guardian newspaper.

The time when the Guardian newspaper reported 300 Haemophilia were alive the 300 figure calculated as percentage of 1,200 haemophilias' infected with HIV works out at 25% survivors and 60% of the survivors still have active case in the UK courts. The message is clear; it’s a waiting ‘game’. Large resourceful businesses can indefinitely survive through the court system outliving in the process paying dying claimants compensation. Westcountry Housing Association internal audit is not without its discretionary tactics. If they ignore your concerns, exactly what can an aggrieve person do about it?

Commercial companies have manageable property status employing resourceful assets to increase the company’s monitory intake to pay wages, take profit and remain viable, Profitability companies need expansion to continue growing the business. On the other hand it is advantageous for companies to delay as long as possible paying compensation.

A company successful at recognizing the value of its customers would have a ready compensation packet in equal proportion to its profit, for no company is without disk of transgression, from that line of production had the patient relieved of suffering from being exploited that company status would rise exemplary. It is therefore of equal economics to pay reparations and sufficient compensation regardless of competitive advantage to hold market share would be noticed on admission the flawed product being reconciled that in itself being seen by other companies as a leader confidante, superior not just in the best circumstances but also on the stock markets gain recognition as a non-revolver of contradictions to face unfavorable circumstances and at the same time tough on fraud.

Peacock Place Photo

Lifting the lid on WHA claim to providing decent sheltered accommodation and services, namely; "Housing With Respect"

LOOK here!!! What do you see? At first sight the image appears to look like a mass of slime floating on water in a tank with the lid raised exposing solids lighter than water pollutants sediment that maybe fermenting on the surface. The surface water looks toxic. This water condition is installed and hidden from residents at the sheltered accommodation Peacock Place managed by Westcountry Housing Association and residents pay for this apparent unclean water on tap by the Cubic Metre.

The container in the photograph is the source of hot water supply located in an airing cupboard storing the electric powered immersion heater that supplies hot water to residents for whatever purpose they see fit. ...Definitely it is not potable looking to drink but maybe to run it into a sink for dishwashing purposes or in the bath for a full body emersion up to the neck the in the stuff. For all the talk about exotic mud baths this treatment from Westcountry Housing Association (WHA) is not likely to be the stuff to leave you feeling beautiful calm and smoothing courtesy of the value you deserve from WHA?

It is a consolation at least if you haven’t being drinking the stuff. You won't feel full to let fly bloat or do you? If you fill your kettle from the hot water tap to make a cuppa you may as well have poured water from a drain. Don’t get too excited, it’s only going into your stomach; you know the place before your mouth commonly used to consume garbage. Doubtlessly you will have heard the phrase; a bit of dirt won’t kill you. Where’s the proof? It won’t kill you, not yet maybe, you haven’t being carried away or you wouldn't’t be reading this but if you become sick reading this, get well soon.

Lid Gap on Emersion Tank Tankard

Lets raise the lid higher for a closer look. up with the lid and lets have a closer look?

Don’t get too excited if you feel there is much hidden from you and unclean about Peacock Place. WHA cannot tell you be hygienic about that you drink. Things cannot come clean when washed in dirty water.

To drink scum water from any source has a slim chance to go down well inside you!. When you invite friends in for a cuppa, your doctor, local councilor, the maintenance men and you unseen draw water out of the hot water tap; don't be surprised when it is politely declined.

Similar digestion tracts applies to intake air pollution or even noise pollution as applies to dirty water. It is all at the head area of the body. It is divisive of Catharine Simpson Westcountry Housing Association East Team Staff Manager for Peacock Place to quote human rights as a right to pollute clean fresh air deliberately when it has being explained smokers habit polluting neighbours living space causing health inhalation problems. it is time human rights are respected and Westcountry Housing come clean over residents consumption of polluted water and air at Peacock Place.

Accordingly it is infringement of all residents human rights at Peacock Place not to be informed of the risk posed from static water tanks in flats because Westcountry Housing don't monitor water quality stored on these premises. To tell someone you might infringe human rights to not voluntary drink water from your hot water tap is negligence of duty. To say you has a small chance to ’t know applies the company Westcountry Housing Group are negligent. It is evident the quality of water photographed is proof that if one emersion heater static water floats pollutant slime it stands to reason that other emersion heater contain polluted water. If the 'emersion' is in constant use the slime is just as likely moving up and down the container as the head refreshes. And when the hot water container emptied where does the water go if not your kettle or dish washing container or into your bath? If this matter of polluted water is concern to your gut intake or outer wash what gives water a higher priority over clean air? Question: What would your reaction be if neighbour had polluted a source of your water supply coming from their premises?

If you are a religious ‘inhaler’ with concern about toxic water how can you justify complaining of being poisoned from intake from washed dishes or bathing in contaminated water when your smoking activities are affecting your breathing channels and lungs and deliberately your own doing? Water goes down the drain whereas smokers smoke rises and smoking indoors is poisoning anyone in the trapment area including your overhead neighbour. Smoke toxic's given off from cigarettes accumulate over the smokers head and out if sight contaminant at a higher level than your level of activities? Dirty toxic water to your body inside or out in your hair is not neutralised by with scent or powder. Neither is second-hand pollutant toxic cigarette non-active when it rises above you. If dirty contaminated water over head was to contaminate the water supply below would that be considered a violation and if so what is the violation difference up or down when both contaminants are health risks?

Peacock Place has an unhealthy atmosphere and not impermeable and our No Smoking on these Premisesatmosphere is a shared atmosphere being separated only by a fabricated perforated partition. Catharine Simpson says she cannot consider asking a resident not to smoke cigarettes indoors even if the smoke is poisoning an overhead neighbour because it is a human right to smoke indoors in private.

"Tenancy Agreement“ “The Tenant agrees. ..." to living space with “Use of Property.” My rights in Clause 8.3; & 8.4 is violated from tobacco smoke percolating into my living space from addict with non-existent rights to pollute healthy fresh air atmosphere from profusion's of toxic cigarette smoke. (Download time approximately 150 sec).

Unfortunately Peacock Place has a dummy in Catharine Simpson quoting human rights to priorities smoker's habits over non-smokers as if smokers have greater rights. By quoting human rights Catharine Simpson is giving support to negligence and anti-social behaviors and encouraging inflicting disease onto neighbour living space, be that her argument she will agree that sexual transmitted diseases such as VD or AIDS will be linked to that negative attitude supporting company profit to come first by delaying haemophilia compensation claims for reparations after receiving toxic contamination blood so long as contaminations don't come home to her. For attitude to change could take seismic activity

Individual diners who consume bad drink or meal in their diet pertaining to runny tummy over the 'green pit' and become washed out for a few days what is the chance after recovery for the victim to receive compensation? Unless the victim has evidence, the means and spare resources of time and money to pursue a claim for compensation chances of winning a compensation claim are slim. However a spate of independent claims may change the balance of probability. Worldwide, diarrheal illnesses are among the leading causes of death. Bacterial forms of infection, the salmonellae organisms, account for gastric billion in medical money costs and lost work time. It's estimated there are more than 9 million cases of gastroenteritis each year in England. For an increasing number of people, it's due to food poisoning, something that's preventable by not eating for the sake of avoiding waste or saving money. Water is a food commodity.

I'm about to take a civil liberty even if my liberty break draconian rules. Every rule ever made has an edge border of discursion. Don’t drink water from the "Hot Tap" Don’t smoke beneath my flat knowingly causing toxic hazards to my health. Catharine Simpson, when she insult people intelligence mistakenly believes antonyms will last when quoting one persons human rights and denying another person the right to act on a anti-social discrimination to force the issue to be free from breathing toxic fumes saying she cannot and wont speak with the smoker to assist. Maybe the catalyst to raise empathy and encourage the offender into adopting a better life style and harmonies with their environment was an opportunity lost by that very denial for concern as a comfort zone.

Following that threatening situation a report should have reached Catharine Simpson’s desk was not acknowledged to have gone that far and if so what action was taken to settle the third party’s interference which is an out of order situation from happening again. In common here is impunity to act and in this incident to act against intrusive smokers.

Could it be personality sympathy came before duty because the trio group are all smokers? Playing down this incident Catharine Simpson discriminated against one from not flagging up the situations whereby inherent building faults and management faults at Peacock Place indirectly promote hostilities?

Discrimination at Peacock Place has many forms. Earlier discrimination was capped but remains unsettled and unforgotten bubbling beneath the surface. To know more one needs only to ask. Whatever standpoint the reader chooses to adopt, take a moment of virtual reflection, this reading is written up in an offensive toxic location.

Don’t drink the water from your hot water tap. Logic agrees one speak not to be dim-witted about drinking polluted water is not semantics speaking to be unintelligent about polluting another person’s breathing space. On pollutant when one has choice between avoiding anti-social behavior and being a deliberate perpetrator the matter of right for the latter is very thin. You need to make your own decision before using the water from your hot water tap for dish washing. If in doubt, may I suggest use cold water and boil it in a kettle.

Human rights, equate with human development and peace are interdependent are indivisible. There is no given law allowing pollution of water or air.

Down the Drain
Polluted trickle down effect

Often these days we hear of some lost recorded found from millenniums ago; a scratch on a bone or a collection of weather pattern changes might serve as a recent example. Or maybe it is said this is the first record ever recorded. So what overall information does the statistic value of records tell us? The answer is taken for granted; Records are treated speculatively unless compiled independently or are indisputably proven to be correct. Generally compiling records is uninteresting because involvement brings in complicated intersections and a nagging feeling that an instance is one-off or just a couple of times and is unlikely to happen again as the sound of a ships fog horn in a forest. Then again it might be a warning of an impending wild fire, who would believe it?

However recurrences are part of life. This series of recorded instances are kept from the onset inside sheltered accommodation at Peacock Place, Starcross where management staff acting through informal questionable collaboration with prejudicial residents greet ‘foreigners’ of different colour or tone with haughty contempt and cover-ups is supported through many levels of managed at Westcountry Housing Association member of Westward Housing Group's small society.

To read .pdf file click: Calendar of Occurrences: Opinions are many as there are readers. The writer has given the facts. Conclusions remain to be seen

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