Screwed at Peacock Place Empty Cavity Wall


For decades or seasons exciting things happen quickly about something new – if you don't respond in public neither will your staff or client get excited either. Bosses set standard and give direction. Leaders lead by standard example. Where bosses are dull, leaders versed by standard exampled produce standard dummying effect.

Within small conservative groups Innovation can cause political uncertainty, especially 'foreigner' he is perceived as a threat whereas negative aspects are seen as inherently progressive — they cause no waves in societies that are not naturally competitive but when forced can be destructive at any cost.

Peacock Place existing fall into four general categories:

Benefit availability

Welfare moneys subsidies paid towards social housing accommodation to make up rent are recognised as intringent tactical measures to keep the low end of the capital industry stable in respect that young families produce new citizens and older members play a cultural role at dispersing property or valuables to reward or maintain their children or their children’s children and relieve a parents or both to follow occupation and prosper. On average an accepted norm might be that most grandparents are not rich but neither are they poor to the depth of abject poverty, but that is not a shield from being treated despicably or contemptible not by youth's but by contemporaries or administrators who realised they have missed the boat and see peers as reminders and being part of the problem for their loss of projection which is part of the formula of social prejudice both on youth and elders.


Youth is too volatile to tackle and elders are seen as slow to respond. It is the early second quarter of adulthood bearing to middle age doldrums category that the elderly become most vulnerable. This group of semi-failures unproven with inner worth ironically is among this class of semi's that the elderly rightly or wrongly treat suspiciously. The situation is really difficult. That which is strongest and that which is weakest are close together. The weak follows the strong and worries it. The strong however go along with this and does not hurt the weak, because the contact maybe good humor and harmless. No matter how careful one goes if the strong and the weak should knock each other objectionable clashes if not settled inevitable the one who exceeds his strength regardless of one's powers exposes himself to danger.


Why should WHA tackle any problem if there are many causes? Because if by doing nothing, nothing is achieved and the problem gains momentum. An analysis of causes to many unseen multiple problems attach like flees, and it takes many to tackle and a late series is preferred to early, not profitable and therefore better to setaside and isolate the causality it may fix itself. If 'you' the problem should go away the problems goes with you. But when 'you' become a problem for attention the captive answer is non-attention, and 'you' and your associated problems being inconveniont, this is your problem or your problem is your personal punishment for exposing 'our' inadequate lack of skill to fix. If we cannot fix the problems, we can fix you? — In other words it is desirable that the latter qualities should not exist? — that is what is believed by creating conditions in which all advantage would be with the righteous. On shallow surface thing can be veneer to appear like that but an archaeological dig shows the impacting foundation is built on unscrupulous gray contaminated wheat-flower and soot mix. Few riches become to someone by honest means.

The internet has yet to make a profound affect on how people organise their area of protest up to now seen as of little consequence. Lets see?


The herdsman: What are his qualities? The "good man", the shepard, a means of preserving the heard, they are taxable? Are pressed into service when they are needed. — especially the womanly, the born subjects of the peacock's tail, If peacock trains become too big or too colorful over time, they may no longer confer a selective advantage. Exaggerated trains might attract a new kind of predator or become too heavy to carry around. Why do females prefer males with long tails? Charles Darwin. To be precise: ‘The sight of a feather in a peacock’s tail, whenever I gaze at it, makes me sick!’ Those were his exact words which he wrote in 1860.

Added beauty

Adding Beauty in a ColumnThe beauty of the peacock tail can be termed ‘added beauty’ because it appears surplus to that necessary to survive. In other words, the beauty of the peacock tail is not a by-product of the function of the tail. Added beauty is powerful evidence to suggest intelligent design because it is a common hallmark of a fake 'magi’s' argument in support of creationism, spiritual designer or spirituality.The two columns are described*

"The hallmark of added beauty can be seen in all kinds of human design. For example, an architect often adds decorative features to the different parts of a building. The adding of beauty to a column is illustrated in Figure 8 (left), which compares a classical column with a plain functional cylinder. The decorative features of the classical column have the sole function of providing a beautiful spectacle. But they also present evidence that an intelligent designer has designed the column. So also the added beauty of a peacock tail reveals an intelligent designer. ..."

First published:
*TJ (now Journal of Creation) 15(2):94–102
August 2001 by Stuart Burgess. To read the full text click on this URL:

The opposite is true: To compare ancient craftsmen parts and labour time to be in the same time line as present is deception to slight over the comparison that the same parts and labour and production time are interchangeable to create an illusion that luxury was a common commodity in the past and could be bought to fulfill a function of mass production with conditions for stock stockrooms full of raw materials and ready tool is an exaggeration comprisable to ask the Wright Brothers to produce a luxurious Jumbo Jet.

The same is true to deduct the skill of ancient craftsman is not a common skill all over the land waiting for a job advertisement to turn their hand at fulfilling a opportunity task to set out to deliberately built "plain functional cylinder" with the aim to decorate. Here 'cylinder' equates to 'column', a cylinder may also be hollow or solid and is a word used to describe a pencil; or tree-trunk both of which can be hollow or solid, it could be further stated a 'stake' stood upright on its own or bound together would carry weight in excess of one, the appearance therefore would represent a column.

By scientifically duplicate where early wood column progressed from wood to stone columns ancients’ using core of baked clay and where appropriate bound and strengthened the exterior with wood either rounded or flat to give appearance and luxury where a rich buyer was available pay for that luxury. Shaped stone are a historic replica of the former, hence the design of fluted or angular shaped columns were advanced durable columns to serve a stronger and more durable building purpose. As for the decoration, have a look round any modern chippies floor. Yes chippings were used to make chip hats and decorate columns. You see it is all very simple with a designers intelligence outlook.

The foregoing 'magi’s' have created a captive audience to believe a falsehood. Religion of the ancients likewise to the above transformation from wood to stone column has not changed its meaning, it's outlook is based on falsehood. Religion retains its power through shepherding and fear and ignorance that appearance must be worshipped? That is the lie, it's truth is a convincing "divine" lie.